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Love is like a net. From this station, you can net yourself to the next sea. Sometimes I believe in myself. Sometimes I believe in forgetting. I started a journey of love. I started chasing and forgetting that the sky is raining. There are many people on the street. Some of them are lost, some are confused, and I hold up. Umbrella, seeing the truly lost atrium is writing life for many people. I don't know this street, I don't know this alley, just like love, I don't know when to break up, when will someone chase myself. When I think of the sun, maybe the difficulties in front of me will disappear. Suddenly, I saw a car, a bus. I believe that when I get on the bus, I know that the time away from sunny days will get closer. It came, and it was getting closer and closer, as if it was half-world, but also because my clothes were too wet and I felt very slow. I invested a dollar and went up. It seems that I lost a ring that belongs to fate and belongs to time. The coin is not much, but I gave it to life with my thoughts. I wrote a lot of books and sat down to see. Looking out the window, looking forward to the next stop of happiness, worry about the love of another person, maybe this is the confession of a person with dual personality like me. When I saw a woman slap a man, I was amazed, but the car flashed. I think that the boy must have his own love, and the girl may not want to lose her current love. When I turned my head, the girl turned to hug another boy to cry, but the boy fell in the rain. No, this is not the love I want to see, nor the love that I want to continue to watch, because such a triangle love is terrible, and when you turn around, you can get love, a squat, not necessarily recycling the gentleness of the past. I dare not read it, I want to write it down with the notebook of life. I took out the book, took out a ballpoint pen, opened the first page, let the familiar aroma, gentle handwriting drift, I wrote it a minute ago, I revealed more than ten years of heartbeat unacceptable. I wrote that the turn of love is not my familiarity. The squat of missing is not the request of others. When it is lost, it may be that it will be gone for a lifetime. When not, it will be more destined to lose. At this point, I want to sleep for a while, take me to go with time Cheap Cigarettes, I know that this car will go very far, very far, it seems like the morning and evening, the age of birth and parting youth, I don��t know if this is a good example. Ok, for me, it doesn't matter. What matters is my travel, my comment, just to find a quiet heart, familiar meaning. I fell asleep, seems to have forgotten the feelings of my life, seems to have forgotten the beginning of a lifetime, not afraid of what bridge, not afraid of impermanence, this is the familiar rhythm that makes me worry, strange and let me crazy. I am born to be a fanciful person. Many things can't let me know. Even if I bring it to my dream, I will describe my feelings. In the dream, I dreamt of the three people, time shuttles backwards, like the movie's retreat, I stood on the side of the road, step by step. The girl said, "You lost the money, lost the house, you also took the money at home to gamble, but fortunately we have no children, let's break up and say the boy, "No, I still have you, you said, even The world doesn't believe me, you still love me, even if all humans leave me Online Cigarettes, you still can't leave." The girl said, "Yes, that is what you said to me. You were qualified to bear my good for you before. Now, you accept me with your maliciousness, of course, accept my departure." The girl turned and saw a boy, shouting directly, the boy behind "brother" squatted. But the pair of brothers and sisters, boy support Holding an umbrella, holding the girl's crying, locking away the heart of another boy, just left. I really want to go to stop the girl, when the sound is blessed, it is right to be together, it is wrong to leave when there is difficulty. I don't have this courage, I don't have this right. Maybe love is for me, the boy's squat is right, it is a redemption for the past, but he is wrong if he doesn't get up, because then he won't fight with the future. Give the lost woman Look. Some people say that others believe that the next stop is happy, but this time the squat can not stop the road, let anyone go to the car? I was shocked, yeah, if I want to get on the bus, just look at the station Instead of waving, even if you wave, instead of getting on the bus, then I can't find my next stop. In an instant, I feel the heat of the body, the heat, I think it is in the car, when When I blinked, wow, my god, the car is driving hot air. I am going to swear, but I looked down and there was a man lying on the bus, where two people looked at his eyes. The blood below There are many, I fortunately did not say too much, or the embarrassing person will be me. At this moment, I will never imagine that the next minute will come to the station will give me a shocked picture. The door is open, a girl directly When he rushed in, his brother rushed in. They shouted, "My father understood half of it at the moment, guessing half, the girl's father said to her, "Children, don't regret, don't regret, keep going. After all, you Married, because you do not leave, and delay the lives of others, although I have fifty years old, but I hope you do not regret chase with regret, this is not worth it ", but what people look for. At this moment, I tore off the page where I wrote the text, and opened the window. I threw it down, but I couldn��t lose the scenery I saw all the way. The mind was so embarrassed that I was not sure when the description of love got off. The silent words did not come, the driver seemed to be very pity for such a thing, he cried, rubbed the rolling tears, looked at me quietly, and I seemed to be a stubborn person, no tears Appeared, did not dare to smile, worried that he said that I have no conscience Marlboro Lights. After getting off the crowd, the clear sky, the beauty of the spring. I believe that love is an invisible tunnel, a sentence that can't be written, a life that can't be written, as long as it can be written, as long as it can be chased, you can see a lot of sudden changes, and another girl gave me a kind heart. Greetings, "Hello" is not thinking about the heartbeat tumbling, neither knowing nor being familiar with it. Is it a liar or a sentence that is harmful to people? I said hello, but I can't tell the smile on my face, and her smile is so charming, the voice is so crisp. Her next sentence, I regretted my whole life, she said, "Your wallet was stolen." I touched my pocket and found that it was really lost. It seems that everything has been lost. I don't know where to go Newport 100S, I fell down, there is a feeling of crying and tears, and she seems to have seen my mood, but she said, "When I spend money to buy a lesson, she took two hundred pieces at random. I was thrown on the road Wholesale Cigarettes. When I looked up, he passed. I became a roadside beggar. I needed a girl��s charity. What a pitiful sentence broke my whole heart.

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